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Most traditional diet plans and weight loss expert recommend keeping distance from all the fat-rich meals. But most of the craved foods contain fat, hence making your weight loss decision challenging to act upon.

A Rising Phenomenon for Weight Loss

There is one diet phenomenon, which is proving to be quite useful in losing undesirable pounds; the famous Keto Diet. The best part; it is more focused on consuming fat rather than proteins or carbs. The main goal of the Keto diet is to reduce the carbs intake so that body is forced to utilize fat as the primary source of energy.

Your body can utilize 9 calories by burning 1 gram of fat whereas only 4 calories are present in 1 gram of carbs. Keto Diet follows the same mantra of burning fat to fulfill energy. Depending upon your daily calorie intake, Keto Diet can fetch your required goal of weight loss.

We are Your Ultimate Keto Guide

Adopt Keto Diet is a complete information guide for you which provides every piece of information that is needed to help you transition to the Keto Diet plan.

Weight loss works on a simple rule. Eat fewer calories and burn more calories. Adopt Keto Diet continuously publishes articles and blogs about healthy calorie-driven Keto diet plans. Please check our ‘diet’ section to read more about these meal plans.

Our ‘meals’ section has some great insights about meal plans for different periods such as 5 days, 14 days etc. Also, Adopt Keto Diet has taken special care to serve our readers who follow vegan, non-veg, pescatarian or paleo diets. We are continuously coming up with meals plans that are suitable for them.

You want something new in your Keto diet? We have some delicious Keto-specific recipes in our ‘recipes’ section. We often update this section with new additions to add more flavour to your diet.

Our Mission

Obesity is a silent disease, if left unnoticed, can lead to major health problems. Adopt Keto Diet mission is to educate the masses about the healthy perks of Keto diet and how it can change your eating habits for good and can help you in returning to a healthy lifestyle.