How to Get a Fabulous 2000 Calorie Keto Meal Plan on a Tight Budget

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How to Get a Fabulous 2000 Calorie Keto Meal Plan on a Tight Budget

Most people believe that a keto diet is expensive. However, it need not be. Just as keto dieters can spend extravagantly, they can budget! They can make a number of yummy keto meals with a few ingredients. They can get a 2000 calorie keto meal plan in a day for less.

They need to take specific steps. We will discuss them below.

2000 Calorie Keto Meal Plan – What do they have

A 2000 calorie keto meal plan a day on a tight budget is possible by practicing a few things. What are they?

People should purchase in bulk. While the upfront cost is going to be pricey, it is nearly always cheaper to purchase foods in bulk.  Purchasing meat in bulk and refrigerating what isn’t used is recommended. Purchasing pounds of meat together is easier on the pocket than purchasing a pound at a time.

It’s good to do grocery shopping online. People ordering online have lesser temptations and chances for whim purchases.

Check whether a local grocery store accepts online ordering.

It’s always good to check the inventory at home to see whether meals can be prepared without a shopping trip. It’s essential to check the best deals in the weekly ad of a grocery store. A case in point is a sale for chicken thighs. In such a scenario, that can be used as the base protein and meals can be made around that.

All grocery stores have a cut-rate meat section. These are meat that’s reached their sell-by date and will be discarded if not sold. They are suitable for shopping meat on a budget. Purchasers must freeze or prepare the meat a day or two from the date of purchase!

One should not get pasture-raised eggs or grass-fed, organic beef at any cost. Better quality food is an optimization. However, it’s budget-dependent. Grain-fed meat makes a better buy than a box of cheese.

Those who want to purchase quality food can get leaner cuts of meat and use premium oil or butter to fatten them. A good number of nutrients are present in a meat’s fat, and grain-fed animals won’t be so nutrient-dense. Those who can pay for avocado oil mayo, grass-fed butter, or premium olive oil can use it to put in fat to lean meat to put in extra nutrients.

How to Get a Fabulous 2000 Calorie Keto Meal Plan on a Tight Budget

They must avoid some things

The market is full of keto-friendly products. However, numerous of the pre-packaged shakes, meals, and bars don’t suit people on a budget. Whole foods suit a 2000 calorie keto meal plan a day on a tight budget. Those who have the time to prepare meals regularly can purchase deli meat and cheese.

While fast food is suitable, eating out regularly can add up the costs quickly. Try to prepare meals and store emergency snacks to avoid a drive-through as much as possible.

Planning meals

There is nothing better than meal planning to stick to a budget. The right way of planning meals is seeing the ingredients at home and checking the weekly ad online to see the meat on sale. Try to keep meals simple.  An example is cooking ground beef and mixing it with mayo for more fats. This filling meal is easily customizable and needs nominal prep.

People could like to have a new dish. A keto recipe will help them. Keto cookbooks may be easier than finding recipes online.

Having pinpointed the primary source of protein, search the index of a cookbook to check the associated recipes. A case in point is when there is a sale of ground beef. People will check the index to find “beef” and see the associated recipes. They can then opt for the one that seems the most delicious and need the ingredients they have. They can leave out or replace the ingredients that are pricey and not present in their pantry.

Try and prepare meals

A family of one or two keto dieters should prepare meals for keeping within their budget. They should try and prepare meals every week and make a large casserole or two to divide into helpings to enjoy all over the week. This approach saves time and is more worthwhile than cooking new meals each night.

So what is the way of maintaining a 2000 calorie keto meal plan a day? Make an online grocery order to find the rates for every single food item. Now, break the price of an item down by the number of helpings.

Try finding the most economical options for a 2000 calorie keto meal plan a day

A few of the most economical keto foods available at the stores are ground beef, eggs, frozen veggies, and butter. All of them are versatile and usable with each other or as separate food items.

We end with two Keto recipes with high-calorie counts.

Scrambled eggs with cheese and broccoli

Keep 25 grams of broccoli in a bowl. Take a knife and cut the entire broccoli into very small pieces. Take a non-stick pan and empty 25 grams of butter into it. Heat the pan lightly to melt the butter. Take two eggs and empty the yolks into a bowl. Stir the liquid vigorously with a fork. Empty the liquid into the pan that has the melted butter. Empty 89 grams of heavy cream into the pan. Heat the pan and use a spatula to even out the mixture. Empty the small broccoli pieces into the heating pan and stir the mixture with a spatula. Scrambled masses will form. Empty the whole thing into a plate. Now add 10 grams of cheddar cheese. The calorie count of this keto meal is 596.


Meatloaf, with its high-calorie count, is an excellent meal prep choice. Mix 2 eggs with ground beef of 2 pounds. Add any seasoning of choice. Adding half a cup of almond flour will help the consistency. Empty the mixture into a loaf pan and bake at 350 for half an hour. Dieters who have a sweet tooth can add reduced sugar ketchup. Bake the meatloaf in the oven for 30 minutes again. Look at the below video and make this dish for an economical 2000 calorie keto meal plan a day.

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