How the Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet Works

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weight loss ketogenic diet

As people all over the world are becoming more and more health-conscious; they are realizing the dangers of overweight and obesity. The problem is that such people are billions in number and spread across the globe. Suggested solutions come in hundreds and finding the right one can be a daunting task for anyone. Many such health solutions are based on diet plans. One of them is the weight loss ketogenic diet plan.

What is Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet?

Following are the features of the Ketogenic or keto diet for weight loss.

  • The weight loss ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates and rich in fat.
  • In the past, the diet was used as a diabetic diet.
  • It was also used in treating epilepsy in children.
  • The diet was also recommended for treating cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Its popularity as a weight-loss diet gained momentum during the 1970s.
  • The diet is low in carbohydrates and protein but contains around 70-80% fat.

How the Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet Works?

The weight loss ketogenic diet is designed in a way that it provides a very low amount of glucose. Your glucose starved anatomy starts drawing the required amount from the stored fat in the body. This is the time when the body starts using the fat as its fuel for operating. The liver substitutes glucose with the ketone created using fat. Since every human anatomy is unique; the effects of the ketogenic diet may generate different results for different users.

The Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet Food List

A unique feature of the keto diet food list is that there is no universal diet plan available.

  • The only common feature is that the carbohydrate content in the keto diet is always less than 50 grams.
  • It could be as low as 20 grams also depending on the overweight standard of the user.
  • The calorie proportions of the diet derived from fat, protein, and carbohydrate are 70-80%, 10-20%, and 5-10% respectively.
  • The ideal combination is 165 grams of fat, 75 grams of protein, and 40 grams of carbohydrate a day.

In short; the ketogenic diet dispenses the use of food rich in carbohydrate. One has to avoid bread, rice, cereals, pasta, cookies, potatoes, and similar foods.

Keto Diet helps you to Lose Weight

Ketogenic diets impact the process of weight loss in multiple ways. The focus is on consuming more calories one intake. When such things happen the body compensates for the deficiency by drawing on the stored fat in the anatomy. Consequentially; the body becomes a fat-burning machine resulting in weight loss. The body also gets a metabolic state called ketosis. It is a normal metabolic process where the body starts getting energy from fats consumed instead of the traditional source glucose.

Benefits of Ketosis State of the Body

When your body gets into a ketosis state; it derives several health benefits.

  • Your body becomes an active and efficient fat burner.
  • It also reduces the sugar and insulin levels in the body benefiting diabetes patients.
  • The impact of the weight loss ketogenic diet is visible in shorter times in comparison to most other diet plans for weight loss.
  • The diet plan has proved more effective in weight loss than its counterparts based on low-fat diets.

Ketogenic Diets Variants

Following are the weight loss ketogenic diet variants.

  • Classic keto where 90% of the diet is fat contents.
  • Modified keto where the plan is less restrictive and used as a long-term diet.
  • MCT where the protein percentage is higher than the classic keto.
  • Modified Atkins where the carbs are limited but proteins are not.
  • Intermittent fasting is where you consume the diet for 8 hours a day while fasting for the remaining 16 hours.

Can Keto Dieting Get Results from the First Week?

One of the frequently asked questions about the diet is whether it is possible to derive results early. Many people also want to know about keto weight loss first week. As your body shifts to the process of burning the stored fat in the body; the impact is visible from the first week itself. However; in some cases, the results may not be that fast owing to the anatomic structure of the user. Most people have experienced weight loss during the first week of taking to ketogenic diets.  You have to be a patient and gradual development in weight loss can be noticed.

Give it Little More Time

In any health-related plan, you have to be exercise patience. You cannot expect results overnight. If you did not experience weight loss during the first week then it does not mean that you should shelve keto diet. Give it a little more time to get the benefits. You can consider ketogenic diet weight loss one month in such cases.

Is Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet Good?

The question about the weight loss ketogenic diet is whether it is good. According to the dietitians, it is ideal for people with diabetes. It helps the user to lose weight healthily without any side effects. In addition; it can also help in reducing systematic inflammation.

Modifying the Keto Diet

Most of the experts suggest modifying the weight loss ketogenic diet from time to time. For instance; you can change the number of carbohydrates consumed periodically. This will match your current physical status. Such modifications will help you escape the boredom of using a stereotyped diet plan for weight loss.

The bottom line

While the use of a weight loss ketogenic diet can work; you have to look for two things. The first one is that the diet plan is balanced and provides the nutrition necessary for your body. The second one is that you also have to develop a healthy lifestyle with it to get the best results.

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