Cycling Keto Diet – Know The Benefits And Drawbacks

by | Mar 10, 2022 | KETOPEDIA

cycling keto diet

We all know the keto diet as a low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet. This is one of the most popular ways followed by the people, but there are several other variations of the keto diet. Of them, the cycling keto diet is the one that comes with fewer restrictions and will offer a more sustainable way of living the ketogenic lifestyle.

The keto cycle diet plan offers more freedom and it will come under your flexibility, as initially, it will be like a normal keto plan. But after that, you can add certain carbs to your diet plan. The cycling keto diet comes with a lot of benefits if you follow it properly.

What is a cycling keto diet?

Our body functions in such a way that it will get energy from glucose, and glucose is the substance that gets breakdown from carbohydrates. But in the keto diet, your body will start to gain energy from the fat and this will result in faster weight loss. The main rule of the keto diet is to consume carbs that should be less than 50 grams per day.

The cycling keto diet is also similar to the standard ketogenic diet, but it follows the ketogenic diet for 5 to 6 days, followed by the higher carbs consumption for 1 to 2 days. The keto cyclic diet is most popular for improving muscle growth and exercise performance.

You know why the cyclical ketogenic diet plan is chosen among people because in the keto diet there will be drastic loss of energy. So, this cyclic diet plan will give one or two days off where there is no limit in the consumption of carbs.

How does cycling keto diet work?

If you have the keto carb-up day where you will be having higher carbs then make sure that you won’t end up eating processed foods. The keto carb up day example includes having carbs that are found in fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes and not consuming carbs that are found in candy and crap things.

In a week, six days you will be following the strict low carb diet, and on carb up day or cheat day you can have more carbs. You can take one or two higher carbs days followed by the steady keto diet.

You can follow this diet on high-activity or workout days or during the weekend when you have a plan with your friends or family.

How to start the cycling keto diet?

Here are the tips that will help you to understand the cycling keto diet basic plan and how to follow the keto cycle diet plan free.

  • Follow the standard keto diet for the first month which will allow your body to get adapt to fat. Even after this, if you consume carbs you will return to ketosis faster
  • Plan for your carb days, as you need to pick one or two days in a week and commit to it. Even on daily basis, you can plan for the carb day where you will be eating all your limited carbs per meal. But there is no evidence that it will work
  • If you are planning for the higher carbs then choose whole carbs from fruits, vegetables, and other starchy vegetables. Skip the processed or refined carbs

Benefits of cycling keto diet

  • Easy to follow

The cycling keto diet will allow you to take higher carbs for one or two days a week. Even though the weight loss on a cheat day is not effective still your body will return to ketosis easily.

  • Digest easily

If the body uses its own fat for energy, then there is no need to consume a lot of food for energy. This diet will save you from many digestive issues.

  • Weight loss

This diet is considered an effective tool for weight loss as it will reduce the intake of calorie content easily.

  • Provide more energy

It will provide more energy, especially to the athletes as they can lose weight 3times faster when compared to the other diet. They run almost entirely on fat up to 70% of maximum intensity.

  • Improve gut health

The diet will provide many gut-friendly butyric acids so it will improve gut health. The diet suits people with leaky gut syndrome or IBS.

  • Metabolic flexibility

It offers unique metabolic flexibility and is one of the biggest benefits of the diet. Your body will be sensitive to insulin, leptin, and other important hormones.


  • If you consume more carbs on the cheat day of the cycling keto diet, then it would be difficult to go back to the ketosis process
  • For certain people, this diet has affected the energy and performance level
  • When compared to the result in the standard keto diet, here the results won’t be effective. As your body will be using the carbs for energy during the cheat day
  • Depending on the cheat day, it will take many days to return back to the ketosis process

Is the keto cycling diet right for you?

From this keto cycle diet review, you know that this cycling keto diet is easy and simple to follow when compared to the standard ketogenic diet. Even though ketosis comes with a lot of benefits but still you don’t have to go higher-level of carbs restrictions.

The keto diet will work for only a limited period; the issue will come when it comes to the longer term. So, the cyclical keto diet can be considered if you are looking for a faster weight loss and limited carbs restrictions.

Whatever diet plan you choose, the aim should be adopting healthier eating habits that should come for a lifetime to get healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Bottom Line

Most people don’t want to follow the keto diet for a longer term as it comes with certain side effects. But in the keto diet it is easier to lose weight in a shorter period, but still, if you are facing any side effects like reduced insulin, elevated blood sugar, and low-thyroid, then you can consider the cycling keto diet.

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